Amateur Advantage

Your complete blueprint to getting started in the sport of competing!

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Have you ever thought about competing, but just have no idea where to start?

You've come to the right place... and That is exactly WHY I created this course! So many young women interested in the fitness world come to me with a goal of competing yet no idea how to get started... and Amateur Advantage was formed. I've taken my 10 years of experience in the sport - as a competitor, Judge, Backstage Expeditor, and now Show Owner/Promoter - to create a step by step guide on how to get started on your competing journey and to make it to the stage (& beyond) successfully.

All The Tools You Need To Achieve Your Goal of Competing On Stage

This course will set you up to compete at the highest level, no matter if you want to step on stage one time or if you want long-term success in the fitness industry for years to come. The key is building the right foundation - developing the competitive mindset, having access to the right resources, and building the right support system around you.


What's Inside the Course:

Module 1: Building The Foundation

+ Find Out if Competing is Right for You

+ Know Time Commitments Involved

+ Learn the Basics of the Sport

+ Define Your Goals & Purpose 

Module 2: Getting Started in Competing

+ Budgeting for the Costs of Competing

+ How to Find the Right Prep Coach

+ Finding a Posing Coach

Module 3: The Process of Competing

+ Getting Mentally Prepared

+ Learn Exactly What Judges are Looking For

+ Posing Basics & Stage Presence Perfection!


Module 4: Stage Ready... Nailing Your Overall Look

+Choosing Your Perfect Competition Suit

+Selecting Complementary Accessories

+Proper Skin Prep & Tanning Guide

+Hair & Makeup Tips from the Best!

Module 5: Show Day & Weekend Rundown

+ What to Bring… & what NOT bring

+ What to Expect on Show Day

+ Managing Expectations to do Your Best

Module 6: Post-Show Strategies

+ Post-Show Blues & Mental Health

+ Develop the Mindset for Leveling Up

+ Reverse Diet Tips to Improvement Season

BONUS: Fitness Selfie Guide by Amber Larkins of Fitography Files!

The ONLY complete guide to your competition journey!

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Still Not Sure If This Course is Right For You?

This Course is NOT for you if...

▶️ You have competed in more than 3-5 shows

▶️ You're really not that into working out or fitness

▶️ You have no desire to compete in a bikini, figure, fitness, wellness, bodybuilding competition

This Course is for you if...

▶️ You have competed on stage less than 3-5 times

▶️ You have competed but still feel like there is way more to learn for a smoother prep

▶️ You have seen a competition & it’s sparked your interest

▶️ You aren’t sure if you want to compete, but are intrigued & want to learn more to figure it out

▶️ You want to compete & just need to know how!

Roadmap to the Stage

Amateur Advantage - Online Course

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Amateur Advantage Course

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Amateur Advantage Course

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