Fit Show Story Project

Submit your journey for a chance to win the Whitney Wiser Overcomer Award at the 2021 IFBB/NPC Nashville Fit Show!

We recommend creating a Word document with your answers & then copy/pasting them into the form.

You do not have to answer every question specifically, but this is a good way to start brainstorming everything you'd like to share about your journey of overcoming life's obstacles & competition prep. 

Question List

Question #1: What made you start working out/strength training in general?

Question #2: What made you make the decision to set the goal of stepping on stage to compete & start prepping (out of any other fitness-related goal)? 

Question #3: What kept you going when things got tough & why didn't you quit?

Question #4: What is one thing that competing has taught you about yourself?

Question #5: Is there anything specific that you’ve had to overcome? If so, what was that process like?

Question #6: Is there anything else you'd like to share about your journey? Please share!